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4 hectare property in the heart of UVITA - INVESTORS ALERT!

Playa Uvita, Puntarenas

  • Commercial
  • 10.1 ha Lot Size
  • US$ 1,200,000 For Sale


Large plots with off-the-grid potential are a HOT commodity in Costa Rica these days. And this unique and expansive 4 hectare property checks all the boxes: a natural healing spring with year-round legal water concession, arable and already producing land, existing homes and cabins, a horse stable, plentiful flat land for further development, easy access (no 4WD needed), a precision irrigation system that delivers pressurised water to far-flung corners of the land plus a HUGE bonus: breath-taking ocean and mountain views offering crimson sunsets and lush jungle-covered-hills vistas to be enjoyed daily with a cold drink or a hot coffee. BUT there is one thing that sets this offer apart and puts it in a category of its own (and in our experience makes this a property unmatched by anything we have yet seen) – would you believe if I told you that this land is within 15 minutes walking distance of central Uvita???

You will be stunned when you first lay eyes on this property – and that will be just before you take the tour through the land, treated to sweet Manzanas de Aguas from one of the plentiful fruit trees near the entrance [if it is the season]. Stretching over hilltops and into the surrounding valleys the land is covered by lush vegetation, food crop plantations, streams and small lakes and several buildings: 1 home, 1 cabin, several sheds and a horse stable. The potential here is as good as it gets: does your vision present an upscale hotel, an eco-retreat, a yoga and wellness centre, a ranch, a large family compound, a retirement village, a permaculture farm or a combination of these (yes, this property is HUGE and STUNNING from every angle so it can be easily subdivided or used in a mixed development).

Or how about a healing centre? The natural artesian healing spring mentioned earlier delivers 10,000-year-old water from an ancient aquifer, emerging as a year-round spring which flows down one of the lush valleys within the property bounds. The spring waters fell as rain on the untouched shores of what is now Costa Rica at a time when humans were living the hard life of the stone age, hunting mammoths and dodging sabre-toothed tigers - so with every sip you are taken back to the very beginnings of our civilization… and needless to say the water is pure, rejuvenating, and carries with it clean energies and healing minerals as well as something extremely rare: the taste of pureness untouched by modern civilisation. Healing pools can be constructed along the stream and they will be very popular with the new-age Uvita crowds who flock here for the annual Envision lifestyle festival.

Currently bananas, pineapples, manzanas de agua and dragon fruit are grown in various areas of the property – with the potential to add countless other food crops. Numerous open grazing areas will support livestock such as chickens, sheep, pigs, cows or horses – and the water necessary to support the crops and animals will be in plentiful supply, year-round.
The natural jungle surroundings, untouched areas of the property and the legally protected land surrounding the healing spring are a haven for all the animals Costa Rica is famous for: toucans, macaws, numerous species of monkeys, sloths, electrifying blue morpho butterflies, multi-coloured frogs and other countless jungle wildlife will be your daily companions – while stunning orchids, flowers, towering trees and tropical plants add 50 shades of green and a rainbow palette of accompanying colours.



  • Ocean View
  • Valley View
  • Garden
  • Patio
  • Pets allowed


Sale Price: US$ 1,200,000
Land:10.1 ha
Agent:Agents Dominical