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Finca Pacifica Baru

Baru, Dominical, Puntarenas

  • Farm
  • US$ 1,800,000 For Sale


Located at 1.5 KM east from the town of Dominical Puntarenas, and 2 km east from Dominical beach, sits Finca Pacífica Barú, a 34-hectare property, owned by a Costa Rican family. An ocean View property, bordering the paved road that connects Dominical with Pérez Zeledón.
The terrain which was once a cattle ranch is now composed of primary and secondary Forest, 8 small very private Ocean view sites, two large commercial sites, two creeks and two small waterfalls which have been delicately cared for and protected, for at least 40 years, due to the efforts that Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge started back in in the 1980´s.
The once cattle ranch is now home to exuberant wildlife, giant trees, and waterfalls and water ways, yet keeping its internal roads and potential building sites, which would be the ideal location for a small hotel a retreat center or a private residential compound. Its proximity to Dominical (2 minutes), Uvita (15 minutes),Manuel Antonio Quepos (30 minutes ), and Pérez Zeledón (40 minutes), its Ocean, Sunset and Forest Views, and shared boundary lines with Hacienda Barú, make of Finca Pacifica Barú, the best location by far for the development of such a commercial or residential ventures.
The two large commercial sites, composed of flat cleared terrain, located along the paved road to Dominical, allow for immediate road access, and large building spaces for reception areas, parking space, restaurants, stores, cottages, rooms or cabins and other higher transit commercial activities.
An existing dirt road travels through 14 of the 34 hectares, taking you through the different elevations of secondary forest, showing off its intense vegetation, rising up to the highest parts of the property where, paradise reveals magical sounds of the close by ocean, birds, monkeys and incoming fresh breeze which rises from the Baru River mouth as it enters into the Pacific Ocean. Here is where we find the cleared natural shaded potential building sites.
At these highest levels of the property, the Ocean views and sunset views will retain you. Worth repeating the fact that when looking at the Ocean, you are also listening to its beat, soothing your spirit and making you appreciate the efforts of those who almost 50 years ago decided this area needed to be protected, and keeping it for a conscious mind that can really enjoy it, share it and protect it.
Finca Pacifica Barú, is not a development property but a real sanctuary which deserves to be owned only by a soul that can commit to its responsible use and protection, whilst at the same time enjoying and sharing this land with those that have been trapped in our overwhelming world.
Out of the 34 hectares, approximately 20, have been destined for a private wildlife refuge, currently housing three known species of monkeys, deer, sloths, pacas, pumas, jaguarundis, scarlet macaws, peccaries, wild turkeys, snakes, frogs tucans and thousands of species of birds. Such forested lands are a blessing to our community and deserve and will be kept that way.
Back in 1985 a German family, decided to invest in the vision which was once dreamed by Mr. Jack Ewing and other owners of Hacienda Barú. Such couple and Mr. Ewing now at their 90´s decided to pass this privileged land on to an individual, to a family or to a group of conscious minds who can enjoy the property while at the same time committing to doing so in a responsible way, such as what was done in Hacienda Baru 48 years ago, which has proven to be feasible and which is still alive and operational.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Hacienda Barú was all virgin jungle. With the settlers came the destruction of large areas of rainforest. As more people migrated to the area, much more forest was cleared, and pasture was planted. Small tacks of rainforest and a few scattered forest parcels in the lowlands were left untouched.


Sale Price: US$ 1,800,000
Agent:Agents Dominical