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Nature’s River Select

Pérez Zeledón, San José

  • Farm
  • US$ 363,000 For Sale


Located about 15 minutes from the town center of Perez Zeledon, this well cared for property offers a nearly blank-slate opportunity for relocators, off-the-gridders, families, cultivators (farmers), nature lovers, end-of-the-worlders, etc...

The soil is dark and rich and will produce abundantly whatever crop(s) and/or gardening one might choose to engage in there.

The seller currently has 10,000 coffee plants there, so the buyer can step right into a coffee farm if they so desire. However, if the buyer prefers, the seller will remove the coffee prior to closing, freeing up the entire property for the new use.

One of the truly compelling aspects of this property is its orientation to the Pacuar (General) River. Between the river and the property the access road, a nearly private road (more on this in a minute). This property can essentially be described as “river side”.

There is a steady and constant breeze on the property. This in conjunction with the open air construction makes it quite comfortable, even without air conditioning.

So, those are the basics.

The property is 25,000+ meters (6 acres).
It has both municipal and private water (the private water has been tested and it is cleaner than the municipal). This may appeal to the off the gridder and the end-of-the-worlder since it is not dependent on a municipal system for survival.
It has a rich topsoil for growing whatever the new owner may desire. Or, the new owner may simply wish to let the property go back to nature, which will involve allowing the jungles to re-seed and grow. It is a little known fact that much of the land in Costa Rica is secondary forest/jungle. By leaving a property fallow, one can facilitate reforestation. It is a passive event here in Costa Rica and, without human intervention, reforestation will be begin, almost immediately. However, the human touch can actually have a strengthening effect on the natural environment, when guided by rational thought.
A truly riverside property. The legal assignation of the access road (private easement) will protect the privacy and the quality of the lifestyle there into perpetuity.
40 minutes to the beach.

In the above bullet points I have endeavored to list the reasons for buying the property. So this property offers the best of all worlds. You have the nearby small city/large town of San Isidro de el General, with all its conveniences, but you get to leave the hubbub behind as you retreat to your place in the country with a large property that offers privacy, quiet and serenity.

In the municipality of San Jose, the minimum lot size is 10,000 meters (1 hectare / 2.48 acres), unless the property is on a public road. Then the minimum lot size can be quite small. I don’t actually know what that minimum size is, but I’ve seen such lots down to tjhe 250 sq meter range - (this would be 1/16th of an acre).



  • River Frontage
  • Garden
  • Patio


Sale Price: US$ 363,000
Agent:Dominical Admin