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Benefits of Working from Home

Benefits of Working from Home

by Properties in Costa Rica

Working from home a few years ago was a luxury only business owners could take advantage of or was simply an idea presented in deceitful television ads. Currently, the tables have turned ever since the COVID 19 pandemic has forced thousands of businesses into sending a great part of their workers to their respective houses to perform their jobs. Be it through Zoom or Skype calls, the way in which we are able to interact in a workplace has most definitely changed, and maybe this could be for the better.

This shift towards an at home work experience helped millions of workers with problems arriving at their workplace because of the large distances from their home to the installations. Not only is this reducing the stress involved in travelling these long distances, but this is also optimizing both the companies’ and workers’ time. Nonetheless, in a company , there is always a need to create a welcoming and family like environment within its very own installations, and to do that, businesses are trying hybrid models in which their workers are able to work 1 to 2 days in the office and the rest from the comfort of their homes.

In order to thrive under this new experience, a comfortable and relatively spacious environment is highly recommended to be able to fully imitate the setting of an office but in a more personalized manner. In addition to this, a stable internet connection is essential to connect appropriately with other workers and possible clients related to your job. In most cases, when a person doesn’t have the financial ability to afford a stable connection, this is an expense that the company has to assume to aid the worker in the better performance of his job. Either way, shifting toward a remote work experience can save companies money allowing for more efficient workspace usage.

With no need to rush at lunch time and no long office hours away from your family, working at home has the potential to improve the health of its workers by reducing their stress and creating an improved work-life balance. Moreover, remote employees also show an increase in their work productivity as there is no need to take long coffee breaks or speak to other coworkers for large amounts of time.

Our reality has been forever marked by the events taking place as of now and working from home is now a phenomenon that is unquestionably here to stay after the pandemic.