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Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

Costa Rica's Blue Zone

by Properties in Costa Rica

Blue Zones are regions around the world where according to explorer and author Dan Buettner, people live longer than average (over the age of 100!). This term first came about in the National Geographic magazine in November 2005 when Buettner published his story “The Secrets of a Long Life” claiming that there were five of these zones around the world, one of them being in Nicoya, Costa Rica.

Here are some of the ways that Nicoyan centenarians have been able to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Have a “Plan of Life”

You must have some sort of plan, either broad or detailed, of the major goals you want to achieve in life. Nicoyans utterly believe in feeling needed and contributing to the community. Having a plan will allow you to always have a goal to work towards.

Drink LOTS of Water

Drinking water has many benefits such as improving memory and mood, helping maintain your weight, and preventing and reducing the risk of diseases and infections. The water in Nicoya is known for having the highest calcium content in the country, which explains why Nicoyans have stronger bones, fewer hip fractures, and also low rates of heart disease.

Keep Connected with Family

Staying in touch with family is among the main characteristics of living in the Costa Rican Blue Zone. This is important since family members can provide a person with many forms of support; they can make you feel happy and can give you a sense of belonging. Nicoyans commonly make an effort to visit their families as frequently as possible. They believe that these interactions help them keep their brain and heart-healthy.

Work Hard

Hard work is a key way to learn how to be a disciplined, dedicated, and determined individual. Nicoyans place a large value on working hard. Elders usually continue working or remain active to keep their minds and bodies healthy.

Get Some Sun

Being exposed to sunlight is great as your body will produce Vitamin D. This vitamin is known for promoting overall health, protecting against inflammation, and lowering high blood pressure. Since the Nicoya Peninsula has a tropical climate, Nicoyans get a reasonable intake of the sun simply by having an active lifestyle.