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Punta Mala Arriba, Península de Osa, Puntarenas

  • Land
  • US$ 1,495,000 For Sale


Welcome to Nature's Sanctuary, a breathtaking 181-acre property nestled in the pristine town of Vergel, Costa Rica. This remarkable slice of paradise is a nature lover's dream, offering unparalleled opportunities for sustainable living, environmental protection, and wellness retreats.

This pristine property boasts a stunning forest with towering trees, pristine creeks that meander through the landscape, and vibrant wildlife, including the beloved sloth mother and baby spotted in the forest. With six large building sites, two of which offer mesmerizing ocean views and majestic mountains, this property is a canvas for your vision to come to life.

Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, watching the sun rise over the glistening waves, and ending your day with the awe-inspiring hues of a sunset casting a golden glow over the horizon. The views are simply breathtaking, providing a serene and inspiring backdrop for your sustainable living or wellness retreat endeavors.

In addition to its natural wonders, this property is a haven for those passionate about environmental protection. With its expansive size and pristine forest, it offers a sanctuary for wildlife, allowing you to be a steward of the land and protect its natural beauty for future generations.

The property also offers endless possibilities for sustainable living, with ample space for cultivating organic gardens, implementing renewable energy solutions, and living in harmony with nature. With five large building sites, you have the flexibility to create your own sustainable sanctuary or develop a wellness retreat center that promotes holistic well-being, yoga, and wellness practices in a serene and natural setting. There are good roads throughout the finca and many possibilities to add more building sites.

Conveniently located near the popular tourist attraction of El Pavon Waterfall only 2.5 kilometers away, you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this natural wonder and enjoy outdoor activities like swimming and hiking in the surrounding lush landscapes.

Nature's Sanctuary is not just a property, but a way of life - a place where you can find solace, inspiration, and fulfillment amidst Costa Rica's rich biodiversity and pristine natural beauty. Come, be captivated, and embark on a journey of sustainable living, environmental protection, and wellness retreats in this unparalleled paradise. Your vision awaits on this canvas of natural splendor.



Sale Price: US$ 1,495,000
Agent:Agents Dominical