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Ojochal, Puntarenas

  • House
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 4,639 m² Lot Size
  • US$ 699,000 For Sale


Set on a sprawling estate of 4639.06m2 (approximately 1.15 acres), MarMistique Haven emerges as an oasis of luxury and natural beauty. This gem in Ojochal, Costa Rica, is where opulence embraces nature, creating a retreat designed for those with an appreciation for the exceptional.
As you traverse the grounds of this expansive property, the newly constructed 3,000 sq.ft. residence welcomes you with grandeur. Every step inside reveals meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to luxury. The exotic teak wood floors, sourced from the finest trees, not only exude elegance but also resonate with the surrounding natural beauty, grounding the home with an earthy warmth. The coffee and breakfast station is kitchen adjacent, and makes entertaining a delight.
But the allure of MarMistique Haven extends beyond its walls. Gaze out at any time of the day, and the Pacific Ocean will mesmerize you with its ever-changing colors. Morning paints the waters with soft hues of azure and turquoise, reflecting the serenity of dawn. As midday approaches, the ocean deepens, shimmering in brilliant shades of blue under the sun's zenith. But perhaps it's the sunset that's most enchanting. The waters turn a myriad of golds, purples, and pinks, dancing with the setting sun in a visual symphony that promises to take your breath away every single evening.
The melodious songs of a myriad of birds provide a daily soundtrack. From the vibrant toucans to the melodious songbirds, the avian wonders of the region flock to this haven, making it a bird-watcher's paradise. The area also teems with wildlife. It's not uncommon to spot playful monkeys, elusive jaguars, or gentle sloths making their way through the lush Costa Rican landscape that envelops the property.
MarMistique Haven's architectural brilliance is evident in features like the wall facing the ocean, designed ingeniously to fold away, blurring the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. The result? A living space that flows seamlessly into an outdoor veranda, complete with a recessed pool, opulent wet bar, and impressive wood burning or gas fireplace. Every amenity, from the principal bedroom's exclusive outdoor shower to the custom laurel wood cabinetry, has been chosen for the discerning individual. There is plenty of dedicated space near in the screened in lanai for a yoga studio or fitness. This space was designed to be the perfect entertaining or personal relaxation haven.
This residence is a masterpiece in architectural design. The position and angle of MarMistique Haven, combined with its elevation, have been meticulously planned to harness the natural air movement flowing between the ocean and the mountains. The outcome? A home that feels as if it's breathing, with unmatched air circulation that provides a comfortable and refreshing ambiance all year round.
The expansive great room seamlessly integrates the living area and the kitchen, creating a unified space that boasts of custom laurel wood cabinetry, stone quartz counters, and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances. A separate entrance leads into the adjoining butler room featuring laundry and storage space, which doubles as a mud room, ensuring the primary spaces remain impeccable. Organic elements like the teak floors radiate warmth, enhancing the entire living experience.
With its backup electric system and advanced water catchment system fitted with filters, the residence ensures that your stay remains undisturbed by the elements. Located a stone's throw away from Ojochal, this haven offers both seclusion and accessibility.
In essence, MarMistique Haven is not just a home; it's an experience. A journey through luxury, nature, and unparalleled beauty. It beckons to those who seek more than just a residence – to those who desire a slice of paradise. Here, every sunrise holds a promise of wonder, and every sunset, a whisper of dreams come true.


  • Ocean View
  • Covered parking
  • Pool


Sale Price: US$ 699,000
Half Baths:1
Land:4,639 m²
Agent:Agents Dominical