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Rincon Gulf View, Chontales in Rincón

Península de Osa, Puntarenas

  • Land
  • US$ 1,500,000 For Sale


Welcome to the captivating expanse of the Main Rincon Gulf View property, a hidden treasure nestled within the serene embrace of Costa Rica's stunning Puntarenas Province. Encompassing a generous expanse of 60,000 square meters (14.83 acres), this enchanting estate finds its place within the charming town of Rincón, cocooned within the tranquil Sierpe district.

From these views you will be able to watch whales (in season) and dolphins from the comfort of your home.

With a strategic location opposite the renowned Cabinas Chontales in Rincón, this property unveils an undulating topography that gracefully ripples across the landscape, forming natural terraces that beckon to be adorned with creativity.
From these views you will be able to watch whales (in season) and dolphins from the comfort of your home. Here, the marriage of nature's artistry with human ingenuity is possible.

The property's proximity to modern amenities, including schools, supermarkets, and health centers in nearby La Palma, ensures a harmonious blend of rural tranquility and contemporary convenience.

Adding to its allure, the property is accompanied by the gentle murmur of a peaceful creek, infusing the surroundings with an extra layer of serenity. This symphony of nature and practicality sets the stage for a multitude of possibilities – from crafting a serene tourism retreat to cultivating innovative commercial ventures. The Main Rincon Gulf View property is a testament to Costa Rica's irresistible charm, inviting you to explore the limitless potential that lies within its breathtaking landscapes.


- Ocean view
- Easy access
- No four-wheel drive needed
- Walking distance to the beach
- Close to restaurants, stores, and amenities (5-15 min)
- Titled land
- Primary Forest
- Ideal for Tourism development



Sale Price: US$ 1,500,000
Agent:Agents Dominical