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The Bird Watching- Water Usable Conservation Property from Volcan of BA

Buenos Aires, Puntarenas

  • Land
  • US$ 325,000 For Sale


Located in Buenos Aires, Puntarenas, known for being one of the areas where aboriginal ethnic groups still inhabit, such as the Bribris, Cabecares and Borucas, we find this property ideal for conservation and bird watching.

It has an extension of 75.3 hectares with nature treasures and incredible views to their valleys.

It has a catchment tank of more than 7 liters per second, it is a place of enormous scenic beauty and ecological importance, for which it is subject to the FONAFIFO environmental conservation program, under the water resource forest protection contract. It is also within the voluntary forest regime, which is why it is exempt from taxes and is also within the area of influence of the Bosque de Agua biological corridor.
This conservation property is the habitat of many natural species, among which a little more than 13.5% of the total of all bird species in Costa Rica stand out, as well as the habitat of representative species such as: the white-faced monkey, the puma, peccary, among others.

The property can be used for: Environmental conservation, ecotourism, bird watching and other natural species, as well as for bottling spring water.

Important let you know, we have to have 4x4 car to go to the property.

Land size: 75.3 Hectares (185.99 Acres)



Sale Price: US$ 325,000
Agent:Agents Dominical